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The new standard 
for mounting on
slanted roofs

ClickFit EVO Steeldeck

ClickFit EVO steel roof; swift and universal
ClickFit EVO steel roof has been specially developed for the professional solar installer. This clear-cut system consists of four components and is universally applicable. With ClickFit EVO you can mount all common solar panels on any type of steel roof. The system's unique features also offer unparalleled flexibility.

Simple and structured
To save you the effort, the profiles are supplied with pre-punched holes and a pre-plastered EPDM rubber. You attach the compact mounting profiles directly to the trapezoid steel roof - horizontally in a portrait setup and vertically in a landscape setup. The system's clever design means long rails are no longer needed, resulting in savings on transport and storage!

Connecting with your clients 
The pre-glued EPDM rubbers on the profiles prevent leakage. On top of that, drilling holes to secure the rails to the roof is now a thing of the past. You need only drill there where the short profiles need to be attached to the roof, meaning the integrity of the roof's structure is compromised less than when installing other mounting systems. This solution is furthermore much more lightweight and therefore less straining.

✔ Pre-punched holes in profiles
✔ Only 4 components
✔ Strong and lightweight
✔ One-tool approach
✔ Warranty up to 25 years

✔ Robust base for solar panels
✔ No unnecessary drilling
✔ Reliable
✔ Warranty up to 25 years

The advantages
of our systems

Super quick installation 20 years’ warranty on our productsOutstanding service and advice 100% Dutch product

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