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FlatFix eco

FlatFix eco is a modular and simple assembly system to place solar panels on a flat roof. It is especially a useful product when it comes to smaller roofs, or roofs with many obstacles, because every individual solar panel can be placed on the roof optimally. Think, for example, about garage roofs, carports, etc.
The FlatFix eco system has a standard setup angle of 20 degrees. Solar panels that are set up at an angle of 20 degrees perform very well and maintain their self-cleaning properties.


The solar panels are mounted on two aluminium brackets. The FlatFix eco system gets ballasted to place the solar panels storm-proof on the roof. More ballast is needed than at the standard FlatFix system because of the open structure. The average roof load at the FlatFix eco system is between 25 kg and 50 kg per square meter.

Materials and tools

The whole system is manufactured from high quality aluminium components. The assembly system comes with rubber mats to protect the roof covering. Each type or brand of solar panel can be mounted on the FlatFix eco system. There is only a 10 mm socket wrench needed for the assembly of the solar panels.


Every roof is different. As a customer, you can rely on our knowledge and expertise. Our experienced staff can provide you with the necessary advice and support. We are happy to help you calculate the materials required for your project.
FlatFix eco comes as a complete set per solar panel. The required ballast can be found in a well-arranged table per location. This allows you to easily determine how much ballast must be used. If you want help with the determination of the required materials or ballast, as a customer you can rely on our knowledge and expertise. Our experienced staff can provide you with the necessary advice and support.

Guaranteed that it's good!

FlatFix eco has been tested extensively and is virtually maintenance free. Thousands of panels have been placed with FlatFix eco since the introduction of the system. The thoroughly proven assembly system comes standard with a 20 year guarantee. The quality of the system is thus guaranteed and it offers the security that is needed.

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