The system that protects your roof

When fitting solar panels, a good mounting system is often overlooked. This is despite the fact that the mounting system is one of the key elements of the PV system. The mounting system keeps the entire PV system together and ensures that everything is robustly secured to the roof.

Developed with
careful attention to your roof

A badly mounted system can have a huge impact on the state and water-resistant properties of your roof structure. Esdec mounting systems are designed specifically to keep the impact on your roof to a minimum. One example of this is that our ClickFit EVO mounting system for tiled roofs means you no longer have to drill into the roof structure. This ensures greater levels of water resistance than other mounting system. But we also opt for fire-resistant and light materials to reduce the load on your roof.

Tested under 
extreme conditions

It is not only important to reduce the impact on your roof as far as possible, but the PV system must also be able to withstand extreme weather conditions, such as hard winds and snow. Esdec has succeeded in developing a light and fast fit and easy to fit mounting system that is also reliable and strong. Our mounting systems meet the most stringent safety requirements and have been awarded several certificates for fire and wind resistance, for instance.

End result

Fitting solar panels has a major impact on the outward appearance of your roof. A subtle and appealing finish of the PV system is therefore a key feature for many homeowners. Esdec mounting systems are available in silver or black. The black finish coordinates perfectly with black solar panels and results in a streamlined appearance. Our mounting systems are also height adjustable, so you can set them to your own preference.

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