Pitched roofs mounting systems

Esdec supplies mounting systems for different types of pitched roofs. Each system is designed to ensure that fitting runs as fast and easy as possible. A number of components are therefore used universally for tiled roofs as well as steel and other roof types. So if you are fitting to multiple roof types, then our mounting systems are perfectly suited.

Fast and reliable mounting with the innovative mounting systems of ClickFit EVO for tiled and steel roofs. ClickFit EVO is made up of just 4 components that are fitted using a single tool. Further, some components can be used universally for both tiled and steel roofs. This makes it simpler and also reduces the necessary storage space!

Bereken snel en eenvoudig welke materialen u nodig heeft

Met de calculators van Esdec ontwerpt u gemakkelijk uw projecten online. Zo weet u precies welke materialen u nodig heeft voor de installatie op platte- en schuine daken. Schets het dak, plaats de panelen en download direct het bouwplan en de materialenlijst voor uw project.

Tiled and Steel roof

Calculate your project for ClickFit EVO tiled and steel roofs

ClickFit EVO Calculator

Other pitched roof types

Calculate your projects for corrugated, bitumen, folded-seam or slate roofs.

ClickFit Basic Calculator

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