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Esdec is your experience and innovative partner in the rapidly growing and changing solar-energy sector. Our mounting systems are developed on the basis of the input from fitters. This means we have a great deal of in-house know-how about what fitters want and how we can respond to this together with wholesalers.


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Flat roofs

FlatFix Fusion is the innovative lightweight mounting system for flat roofs. Faster installing thanks to the unique click-fit connectors and because you only need one tool. Other innovative functions include integrated cable management and the thermal decouplers.

  • Easy click-fit system
  • Minimal components
  • 20-year warranty

Pitched roofs

Esdec supplies mounting systems for different types of pitched roofs. Each system is designed to ensure that the installation runs as fast and easy as possible. A number of components are therefore used universally for tiled roofs as well as steel and other roof types. If you are installing on multiple roof types, then our mounting systems are perfectly suited.

  • Quick and easy mounting
  • Universal components
  • 20-year warranty

Integrated calculator

The online calculators of Esdec are very popular among fitters. They can calculate the materials they need in a couple of simple steps. For wholesalers we offer the option of integrating our calculators within the webshop.

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Marketing & sales support

Sales Training
We offer your employees extensive training and support, so that they can get the most out of their sales pitches. With this knowledge, you’ll also be offering your customers the best service.

We regularly organize events with our partners so we stay in contact with our fitter and distribution network. You will also frequently find us at trade fairs in the solar-energy sector.

Marketing resources & lead generation
To help you to sell our products, we provide many marketing resources, such as photos, videos and brochures. What’s more, as market leader we also have a big collection of potential leads.


Our mounting systems have been developed to ensure as few components as possible. Our ClickFit EVO systems for tiled and steel roofs, for instance, has just four SKUs. Many components, such as rails, clamps and screws, can also be used universally, so you have fewer SKUs to manage.

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