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Home New: ClickFit EVO Slate Roof

New: ClickFit EVO Slate Roof

19 września 2023
We launch a new member in our ClickFit EVO family: The ClickFit EVO Slate Hook!

As of September 18, the new ClickFit EVO Slate hook is available. As an installer, you can of course contact our distribution partners to obtain the parts for installation of solar panels on slate roofs.

New: slate roof in the ClickFit EVO portfolio

This new ClickFit EVO Slate Hook is part of the well-known ClickFit EVO portfolio. With the addition of this fully assembled hook, you can now also mount on slate roofs. Here too, you only take 4 components onto the roof. That keeps your work organized!

Naturally, with the ClickFit EVO click connection you simply click the rails onto the hook, and you can place the panels portrait or landscape on the roof. ClickFit EVO Slate Roof has also been added to the Esdec Calculator so you can quickly and easily calculate your projects for slate roofs.

Slate hook

The slate hook is very thin, only 4 mm, so it can be mounted under the slate. It is also stepless adjustable in height to easily compensate roof irregularities. To prevent damage to the underlaying wood, we have added a slotted hole at the top of the slate hook. Because of this elongated hole you can choose the grain to screw in, this reduces the risk of splitting the wood.

Please note: we always recommend contacting an experienced slate installer before starting an installation on a slate roof. Reassuring the slate roof is waterproof again, is a specialist job.

Easy start with our new Esdec Academy

From now on, the ClickFit EVO Slate Hook is also included in the Esdec Academy. You will find the basic course about the components and an installation course. There are also courses available on other ClickFit EVO products, including the universal roof hook, the mounting bracket and the hanger bolt. In addition to product courses, we also offer safety courses to get back on the roof safely!