Tiled and Steel Roof

Calculate your project for tiled and steel roofs with the ClickFit EVO calculator.

ClickFit EVO calculator

Flat Roofs

Calculate your projects for flat roofs based on the FlatFix Fusion mounting system.

FlatFix Fusion Calculator

Designing projects

With our calculator you work out quickly and easily your project, so that you can spend more time installing on the roof instead of spending it in the project design. Sketch a roof and then choose from a list of solar panels or add your own panels. Once you’ve done this, you can download the construction plan and the list of materials needed.

Manage your

Our calculator makes it possible to easily manage all your projects in one place. Select the location in the calculator and then start designing. You can also add special conditions that need to be factored in when fitting the system, such as wind, shade or adjacent buildings.