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Calculate your solar project quickly and easily

Every installation is different. Roof type, roof size, environmental factors and types of mounting systems. They all have an impact. When starting a new project, you can count on Esdec's support. We will help with a construction plan and bill of materials. They are the basis for every project.

Our calculator

Making a calculation for your solar panel project is easier than ever. The Esdec calculator helps you bring this process to completion as quickly, efficiently and successfully as possible. Within a few minutes you will receive a tailor-made bill of materials and construction plan, allowing you to spend more time on installation and less time on preparation.

A tailor-made calculation in four steps

By using the Esdec calculator, you’re not just assured of accurate calculations – you’ll also save a lot of time in the planning phase. In just four steps, you can calculate everything you need to know before starting a new project. NB: the calculator is not for private use.

How it works:

Select your location, roof type and solar panels
Draw the roof and any obstacles
The calculator automatically selects the most suitable mounting system
Immediately download the bill of materials, and the construction and ballast plan

The Esdec calculator couldn’t be easier

The Esdec Calculator has a huge range of options and we’re happy to help you get started. Allow us to guide you through the options available in the calculator and help you discover all the functions.

Smart support

Our experts will be happy to offer you support with complex projects. In this way we both ensure that your solar panel installation plan is correct down to the smallest detail. The result is a smooth and problem-free installation. Less fuss, maximum value from your project.Want more info? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

The small print

The calculations in the Esdec calculator are produced with great care. Despite this, no rights may be derived from them. The drawings and dimensions in the software are only advisory.

Discover the added value of the Esdec calculator