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ClickFit EVO Tiled Roof is suited to every type of tiled roof. The smart design means you will install any type of solar panel quickly, easily and dependably.

Fast mounting
with just four components

ClickFit EVO Tiled Roof means you will install 40% faster thanks to the innovative design. The mounting system is made up of just four components that are installed using a single tool. A number of components can be used universally on different roof surfaces. If for example you are mounting using ClickFit EVO Steel Roof, then you don’t need to buy so many components. The low number of components saves costly space in your van and the warehouse.

and flexible

Thanks to the unique design of ClickFit EVO Tailed Roof, you no longer need to drill into the roof structure. The innovative roofing hook and click-fit technology ensures a robust and sturdy PV system, without affecting the end user’s roof. Because you click the rails to the roofing hooks instead of screwing them into place, you only need to fasten the PV panels with screws. ClickFit EVO Tiled Roof offers a high degree of mounting flexibility. Solar panels can be mounted in either a horizontal or a vertical orientation. Would you prefer to screw-fasten instead of using roofing hooks? The roofing hook still features a screw option.

Strong and

ClickFit EVO Tiled Roof is made of strong materials, such as premium aluminium and Magnelis steel. This type of steel is characterized by a longer lifespan and greater resistance to corrosion. What’s more, this steel features a self-healing coating, giving it protection against surface damage. The ClickFit EVO Tiled Roof is tested in extreme weather, wind, fire, and snow conditions. So you’re not only installing easily and quickly, but also reliably. Esdec offers a 20-year warranty on all its systems.


ClickFit EVO Tiled Roof comprises just four components, making it not only a more efficient system but also particularly easy to install. The unique and patented roofing hook is height adjustable at two points and also offers a screw option. The aluminium rails are easily mounted using click-fit connectors.

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