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Discover mounting systems for flat roofs

Installing solar panels on flat roofs. We make it smarter, faster and simpler. This is proven by our FlatFix series, a range of mounting systems for quick and reliable installation of solar panels on flat roofs. For you, FlatFix means less hassle and more efficiency.
For residential and commercial projects
Large or small roofs, the FlatFix series has a solution for every flat roof type.
Simple installation
All mounting systems have been developed for ease of installation by the installer.
More time gained
The mounting systems consist of only a small number of components and can be installed using just one tool or even without any tools.
Less risk
With FlatFix mounting systems, the roof and solar panels are protected from damage. The smart designs have been extensively tested and comply with the strictest safety requirements.

Our FlatFix line

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It’s not just solar panel installation that can be smarter and easier – the planning process can too, thanks to the Esdec Calculator. Using our calculator, you can calculate which materials you need for your installation project and in what quantities. It also generates a comprehensive installation plan and all relevant additional data, such as roof and wind load. The calculator helps you to select the best mounting system for your project.

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