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MyEsdec: one account for all tools and services

It’s the online portal to support solar professionals in every step of the installation process; from initial planning to project completion and everything in between.
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What is MyEsdec?

This online portal is your gateway to all of Esdec’s digital services, giving you easy access to known tools, such as the Esdec Calculator and Esdec Academy, and our new app Esdec OnSite. This app is specially designed to make the work on location easier. With MyEsdec, you also stay up to date with the latest news. Esdec believes that all solar professionals contribute to a sustainable world. To make the required knowledge and skills accessible to everyone, the use of MyEsdec is free.


NEW: Esdec OnSite

Especially for solar installers, Esdec has developed an app to support all of your work: whether you are doing an initial inspection, working on the actual installation or just maintenance. The app is a digital log in which you can easily document your notes and manage checklists. The data you enter is automatically integrated in the Esdec Calculator. From the Esdec Academy you receive personal advice on training courses to be followed. This indispensable tool makes your work easier and more efficient. So, you have more time for what really counts: perfect installation of solar panels.

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E-learning in the Esdec Academy

Take online product training in the Esdec Academy at times that suit you best. Your MyEsdec account offers 24/7 free access. You can learn about our mounting systems and related topics such as fire safety and storm resistance at your own pace. All e-learnings are up-to-date and relevant to your development as a solar professional.


Prepare your project with the Esdec Calculator

Good preparation is key and the Esdec Calculator provides you with everything you need to easily draw and calculate your project. The tool takes into account wind zones and other environmental factors. Other features include a tailor-made bill of materials, a thorough plan for installation, Google Maps integration (for flat roofs) and accurate parameter-based calculations. We regularly host webinars explaining all the ins and outs.


Enstall Academy

As a part of Enstall, Esdec offers you exclusive discounts on the Chapter learning platform, which is specifically designed for solar professionals. Here you will find e-learnings on industry-wide topics such as solar installation techniques, safety protocols and best practices. Take advantage of our partnership and start your journey to success today. Contact us for more information.