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ClickFit EVO EPDM and Bitumen Roofs

Mounting Solar Panels. We make it smarter, faster and simpler. This is proven by ClickFit® EVO EPDM and Bitumen Roof, a mounting system for all EPDM and bitumen roofs. For you, this means working more efficiently, with less hassle.
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Easy installation
ClickFit EVO has a fully pre-assembled hanger bolt and smart click connection that makes it possible to easily and quickly place the panels on the roof.
Fewer tools
To install ClickFit EVO EPDM and Bitumen Roof, you just need one tool.
Fewer components
ClickFit EVO EPDM and Bitumen Roof consists of only 4 components. This makes installation extra easy.
Maximum time savings
The small number of installation steps means the panels are installed up to 40% faster.

Quick installation on any EPDM and bitum roof

This smart mounting system can be installed quickly thanks to the convenient click system and pre-assembled hanger bolt. The hanger bolt is adjustable in height, 360 degrees rotatable and available in 3 lengths and 2 thicknesses for wooden purlins/trusses. And the flexible adapter compensates for roof irregularities of up to 10 degrees.

Pre-assembled hanger bolt
Convenient click system

Strong and durable

ClickFit EVO EPDM and Bitumen Roof is made of high quality aluminum and Magnelis steel. This type of steel has a longer life, is resistant to corrosion and has a self-curing coating. This means that you will be working with high-quality products.

Longer lifetime
Self-repairing coating

Project support

Choosing Esdec means receiving support throughout your entire solar project. We support our solar professionals and remove as much of the hassle as possible. For example, you can quickly make a calculation using our calculator and we also offer free training courses and webinars.

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