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FlatFix Fusion

Installing solar panels – we make it smarter, faster and simpler. How? With FlatFix® Fusion, a modular and flexible mounting system for medium-sized and smaller flat roofs. For you, this means working more efficiently, with less fuss.
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User-friendly system
The smart, lightweight components allow the installation of flexible row lengths, allowing you to easily avoid obstacles on the roof such as chimneys or air-con installations.
Durable clamping power
Thanks to the high and low base with a metal insert, the clamping force remains optimal after removal and reinstallation of panels.
Smart click connection
FlatFix Fusion is a very fast and simple mounting system, thanks to the revolutionary and unique click connection.
Unique thermal disconnect
The thermal decoupling of FlatFix Fusion protects your roof material from damage. The roof supports with movable connectors give the system space to expand thermally without damaging the roof material.


Choose FlatFix Fusion for medium and smaller flat roofs. Go for FlatFix Fusion Portrait for small roofs such as extensions or carports.

Max panel length
Min panel length
Max panel width
Min panel width
Panel thickness
Roof pitch
Pitch length
Long side clamping
Short side clamping
Integrated equipotential bonding
Integrated cable management
Maximum panel field
Mounting method
Wind load
Snow load
Max 7º (glue from 3º)
PP & aluminium
Clamps on top of panel
Tot 1200N/m2
30, 32, 35, 40mm
Max 7º (glue from 3º)
PP & aluminium
Clamps on top of panel
Tot 950N/m2

Made of strong and lightweight material

Base profile in various lengths

Aerodynamic wind deflector

End clamp 30-50mm

Flexible and easy installation

The various components of FlatFix Fusion give you the option of installing flexible row lengths. You simply install around obstacles, such as chimneys or window frames, meaning the greatest possible return from any roof. FlatFix Fusion is ideal for residential and smaller commercial projects.

Smart click connection
Modular mounting system

Durable clamping strength

The metal inserts in the high and low bases ensure optimal and durable clamping strength. This is important not just for more extreme weather conditions, but also if you need to do any maintenance on the PV system, the clamping force remains optimal.

Resistant to extreme weather
Easy to re-install panels

Integrated cable management

Push-out cable outlets in the wind deflector and cable exit guides make it even safer to bundle and run off cables, for safer work.


Wind deflectors for aerodynamic design
Strain relief for cables for maximum safety

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