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FlatFix Fusion, the fastest mounting system for flat roofs

FlatFix Fusion has the fastest fitting time in the market. Furthermore, with FlatFix Fusion, the solar panels are mounted very reliably and you are always covered by our 20-year warranty.

Fast installation thanks 
to the unique click-fit system

FlatFix Fusion allows you to fit solar panels quickly and easily thanks to the limited number of components needed. Our patented click-fit connectors make mounting solar panels simpler than ever: all you do is click the profiles together. What’s more, you only need a single tool to fit FlatFix Fusion. And that means a significant reduction in fitting times. We know of some projects where fitting was 40% faster than with other systems.

Lightweight, reliable
and friendly to your roof

FlatFix Fusion is made of durable, strong and light materials like aluminium and premium fiberglass-reinforced plastics. These materials not only ensure a strong construction, but also reduce the total weight of the PV system. Thermal decouplers protect the roofing material from damage by the expansion and contraction of the system owing to temperature fluctuations. This means FlatFix Fusion is suitable for nearly all roofs. The unique design requires less ballast and gives fitters a great deal of flexibility when it comes to mounting solar panels.

Smart features,
few components

Using FlatFix Fusion, you can install solar panels in different setups. These include fitting the PV system in a north-south -setup, but also a dual setup (east-west). No extra components are required for this. These properties make FlatFix Fusion suitable for both large and small roof surfaces. For cable management, earthing and equalization, we also supply unique accessories. And together with SolarEdge, we have also developed an optimizer clamp, so optimizers can be easily and safely mounted to the PV system using click-fit.

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FlatFix Fusion components are made from premium aluminium and fiberglass-reinforced plastic. This means we offer fitters a strong, light and durable system. By working with plastic and aluminium, we were able to make our unique click design possible and create a simpler and more efficient fitting method.

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