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Home Esdec introduces flatfix wave: the fastest and most reliable installation of rooftop solar projects

Esdec introduces flatfix wave: the fastest and most reliable installation of rooftop solar projects

Esdec: The new standard for commercial solar projects

DEVENTER, 28 OCTOBER 2020 – Today, Esdec – global supplier of rooftop mounting systems for solar panels – is launching a revolutionary new mounting system for solar panels on large commercial roofs: FlatFix Wave. This patented system, consisting of pre-assembled units that can be installed without tools, ensures the fastest installation times and the greatest reliability for solar-PV projects on large, flat roofs. By developing this new system, Esdec is facilitating the translation of the enormous solar ambitions of large-scale market players into successful projects on commercial roofs.

Solar energy plays a key role in the transition to sustainable energy provision in Europe. Ambitions laid down in the recently tightened European Green Deal and objectives outlined in the many national energy and climate plans show that the prospects for rooftop-generated solar energy are promising. And, in order to realise all these plans and ambitions, the industry will have to take major steps. Technical, regulatory, and financing barriers will all have to be overcome in order to make the safe, quick, large-scale and reliable roll-out of rooftop solar panels in Europe possible.

The launch of this new mounting system for large, commercial roofs is Esdec’s contribution to this accelerated roll-out. Unique to the mounting system that Esdec is launching today is the speed with which large, rooftop solar panel fields can be installed. This speed is a result of the pre-assembled units used in the system and the patented mechanism for clamping the solar panels to the system. These features mean that the installer does not any tools and the system can be installed quickly, without room for error, on large roofs.
A second unique feature of Esdec’s new system is the high degree of reliability and safety for the panels themselves. To minimise the risk of damaging today’s ever-larger solar panels, and thereby guaranteeing the yield of the system, each panel mounted using Esdec’s system is supported by two units and is clamped in place lengthwise. Currently, panels are commonly attached to the system along their short sides. For panels larger than 1m80, this will cause problems: For example, the panels may bend too much due to the wind, causing numerous microcracks (hairline cracks in the solar cells) to appear.

FlatFix Wave has been developed in close collaboration with several EPC companies. Their starting point was to take into account the current, but more importantly the future, safety and reliability requirements (worker safety on the roof, electrotechnical safety, warranty provisions, insurability of the project) and technological developments.

Since its founding in 2004, Esdec has grown into a leading, global supplier of mounting systems for solar energy. In recent years, expansion to the United States and other countries within Europe has brought about substantial growth in turnover and personnel.

Erik Valks, CEO of ESDEC BV: “By being a leader in innovation, Esdec strengthens its global position. After 18 months of development, this system is setting a new standard by uniting the wishes of the immediate users with those of the other stakeholders. Not only for the Netherlands, but in conformity with international standards.”