Flat roof mountingsystems

Esdec develops, produces and supplies professional mounting systems for solar panels on all types of roofs. Our innovative ClickFit and FlatFix systems distinguish themselves by their ease of mounting by fitters, without any concessions to the soundness and durability of the product. We provide our clients with many forms of support, from technical questions and calculations to training and on-site deliveries.

FlatFix Fusion is the innovative lightweight mounting system for flat roofs. Faster fitting thanks to the unique click-fit connectors and because you only need one tool. Other innovative functions include integrated cable management and the thermal decouplers.

FlatFix Fusion

Bereken snel en eenvoudig welke materialen u nodig heeft

Met de calculators van Esdec ontwerpt u gemakkelijk uw projecten online. Zo weet u precies welke materialen u nodig heeft voor de installatie op platte- en schuine daken. Schets het dak, plaats de panelen en download direct het bouwplan en de materialenlijst voor uw project.

Flatfix Fusion

Calculate your projects for flat roofs based on t
he FlatFix Fusion mounting system.

FlatFix Fusion Calculator

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