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What is Magnelis®?

Magnelis® is a metallic coating which ensures high corrosion resistance. Depending on the grade, it can be up to 3x better than that of galvanised steel and ensures it can withstand some of the harshest environments.

Its main characteristic is its self-curing effect. As ArcelorMittal mentioned: “it generates a very dense protective zinc layer when exposed to the environment. This is unlike galvanized steel which is very porous.”

How does Magnelis® ‘self-curing’ work?

ArcelorMittal explains exactly on their website how Magnelis ‘self-curing’ works. “The layer also forms on edges, welds, perforations and scratches. If there is any red rust in these uncoated areas, it is gradually covered by the Magnelis® film. The result is that Magnelis® provides perfect protection of the entire structure, even on uncoated edges, scratches and perforations.”

How is Magnelis® coated steel applied?

Some of the applications of this coating are as follows:

  • Agricultural applications, e.g. greenhouse structures
  • Photovoltaic mounting structures
  • Construction, composite floor slabs, metal purlins for roofs, partition profiles, rainwater systems and light steel structures.
  • Infrastructures, safety barrier protection, lighting poles, road signs, acoustic insulation panels, bridge parapets.

Benefits of Magnelis®

Magnelis® exhibits exceptional corrosion resistance, providing extended durability and protection in challenging environments. Long life span. Can be used in ammonia (farms) and chloride environments (pools).

Magnelis is an environmentally friendly coating

Magnelis coating uses much less zinc than pure zinc coatings. Therefore, the application of Magnelis preserves natural resources, and it also reduces zinc run-off to the soil. This coating is fully reciclable and it contains no harmful elements. Magnelis complies with REACH and it has an Environmental Product Declaration (EDP). The impact is also lower compared to other sustainable materials such as stainless steel or aluminium. This ensures that Magnelis coating is also an excellent choice from a sustainable perspective.

Corrosion-resistant mounting systems

Corrosion-resistant support structures such as mounting systems for solar panels are therefore extra important in critical environments to ‘harvest’ as much solar energy as possible at acceptable costs. For example, the Magnelis® ZM310 coated steel offers 20 years of protection against corrosion because of it’s self-curing characteristic.

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