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    2021 Update for FlatFix Fusion

    28 September 2021

    Safer and easier installation

    HAARLEMMERMEER, September 28, 2021 – Esdec, worldwide supplier of roof-mounted mounting systems for solar panels, today presents the 2021 update of the well-known FlatFix Fusion mounting system at Solar Solution International in the Netherlands. This modular and flexible mounting system for solar panels on medium-sized and smaller flat roofs received several improvements that not only make it easier for the installer to install, but also make the PV system a lot safer.

    The FlatFix Fusion system has been successfully applied in many projects throughout Europe in recent years. Esdec’s research & development department is continuously looking for opportunities not only to develop new products, but also to make existing products even better. And that was done last year for, among others, FlatFix Fusion.

    High and low base optimization

    The high and low base, where the panels are attached to the mounting system, have been renewed so that they have even better and more durable clamping power. This is not only important for more extreme weather conditions, also when maintenance has to be carried out on the PV system, the securing must remain optimal after removing and replacing a panel.

    Renewed end clamps

    To make it easier to fix the panels and to simplify grounding (discharging current), Esdec has developed a new series of end clamps. The clamp now has small bulges on the underside that fit precisely into holes in the high and low base. In this way, the clamp always remains in the correct position when tightening and installing can hardly go wrong. Esdec also looked at how it could be made easier to ground a row of panels. The solution for this has been found in adding a notch in the end clamp where grounding clips fit exactly. This ensures a nice and safe way of grounding.

    Wind deflectors

    Wind deflectors provide an aerodynamic design so that the wind has as little effect as possible on the entire system. In practice, this means that less ballast needs to be installed. These side plates have been modified and have rounded corners which is safer for the installer and for the cables and reduces the risk of damage to roofing material due to the lack of sharp corners and edges. The most important update in this section is that the side deflectors now have push-out cable outlets. In combination with the cable exit guide, you can now bundle and dispose of your cables in an even safer way. This is also a desirable addition to the system’s advantages for strain relief of the cables.

    The new FlatFix Fusion components are available from today. In the short term, FlatFix Fusion will be further optimized so that larger panels can also be mounted on this system for medium and smaller flat roofs.