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    Home News Assurance with DNV assessment of Esdec and FlatFix Wave Plus

    Assurance with DNV assessment of Esdec and FlatFix Wave Plus

    26 October 2022

    Deventer, 26 October 2022 – DNV, an independent energy expert and assurance provider, recently conducted an assessment on the organization of Esdec and on its flat roof solar mounting system FlatFix Wave Plus. After a thorough assessment, they concluded that Esdec is a solid, financially healthy organization and that the design process and test procedures of FlatFix Wave Plus, as well as the design of the production process, enable Esdec to deliver reliable and safe mounting systems.

    Esdec’s mounting system solution, FlatFix Wave Plus, hit the market in 2020 and was designed to facilitate the large-scale rollout of solar PV on large commercial rooftops. Given the enormous challenge of the energy transition and the huge potential that exists in Europe, it was necessary to design an innovative system that, in addition to enabling quick and easy installation, also maximizes roof safety and minimizes risks for investors. DNV’s assessment is an independent expert assessment of Esdec and its innovative mounting system for large-scale rooftop solar projects.

    With the system and the organization examined by leading energy expert DNV, the assessment provides investors (and other stakeholders involved) with a positive assurance when it comes to the sustainability of the partnership, as well as the minimal risks associated with the partnership. This assessment can simplify and speed up the supplier selection process.

    Quoted from the report: “DNV’s assessment and bankability study provides Esdec Solar Projects customers with the added confidence that they are partnering with a well-funded organization with strong financial health. Besides bankability, Esdec also excels in qualitative design processes and extensive test procedures, is capable to supply suitable mounting systems that do not pose any atypical risks.”

    Stijn Vos, CEO Esdec Solar Group: “With this positive assessment by a renowned independent third party, we hope to be able to make even greater strides in the European commercial and industrial solar sector. In these types of large investment projects, risk minimization is crucial for insurers, investors and owners. And this report certainly contributes to faster decision-making.” DNV confirms that FlatFix Wave Plus meets all strict technical requirements in accordance with the latest standards. This makes it possible for customers and their financiers and insurers to approve their investment in the solar system much faster. “And as far as we know, we are the first in our industry to have such an assessment done”, concludes Vos.

    Take a look at the report here →