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    Home News Esdec introduces ClickFit EVO standing seam roof: reliable and quick installation

    Esdec introduces ClickFit EVO standing seam roof: reliable and quick installation

    25 April 2022

    DEVENTER, 25 April – Today, Esdec – global supplier of rooftop mounting systems for solar panels – is launching its newest member to the ClickFit EVO family: ClickFit EVO for Standing Seam Roofs.

    ClickFit EVO is known for quick and easy mounting on the roof. On the pitched roof, as an installer you only need 4 components and easily assemble the system with just one tool. Partly because of this, installation can be done up to 40% faster. The new system has been specially developed for applying the well-known ClickFit EVO system on standing seam roofs. The clamps, with which the rails are placed on the seam, are pre-assembled and already equipped with the well-known ClickFit EVO click connection. This saves an action and a lot of installation time.

    The ClickFit EVO system is suitable for most common standing seam roofs, with the exception of copper seam roofs. There are clamps for single- or double-folded seams, snap and round seams. As the clamp is pre-assembled with the ClickFit EVO click connection, all that’s needed is to tighten the clamp with the torx screw on the seam. Then snap the rails into the click connections and mount the solar panels. The seam clamps do not penetrate the roof, so the roof remains completely impervious to water.

    • ClickFit EVO for Standing Seam Roofs is now available in our Esdec calculator and can be ordered at your .