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    Home News Esdec receives MCS certification for ClickFit EVO tiled roofs

    Esdec receives MCS certification for ClickFit EVO tiled roofs

    20 July 2021

    Certification provides market access / Market share growth expected.

    DEVENTER, JULY 20, 2021 – Today, Esdec, global supplier of mounting systems for rooftop solar panels, is proud to announce to have received MCS certification (MCS 012 – Pitched roofs installation kits) for its mounting system ClickFit Evo for tiled roofs. The certification means that the Esdec system meets the MCS recognised industry standards, highlighting quality, competency and compliance. The certification process was carried out by KIWA UK. Based on various tests and analyses, they have been able to determine that ClickFit Evo for tiled roofs, fully meets the requirements of the MCS standard. And this applies to both the version with the truss hook and the universal hook. The certificate can be found here.

    MCS is a UK standards organization that creates and maintains standards that allows for the certification of low-carbon products and installations used to produce electricity and heat from renewable sources. Their mission is to give people confidence in energy technology by defining, maintaining and improving quality. Goal is to see MCS certified products and installations in every UK home and community.

    Erik Valks, CEO Esdec Europe B,V.: “We have been active in the UK and Ireland for a while, but mainly with our flat roof systems.” The challenge for a globally operating company such as Esdec is that systems must comply with national standards and norms. “In the European countries where we already meet national standards with ClickFit EVO for tiled roofs, we see that this system is doing very well in the market and is very much appreciated by installers. And now that we have obtained the certification, we expect to take great strides, together with our distribution partners, and grow Esdec’s market share significantly in the UK and Ireland. Until 2025 we expect the residential sector to grow by 100 MW each year and with approx. 65% to stay the largest sector in solar. 90% of the roofs in the residential sector are pitched roofs so the potential for Esdec’s ClickFit EVO system is huge.”

    ClickFit EVO for tiled roofs

    Esdec developed ClickFit EVO for the professional solar installer. The mounting system consists of 4 components that can be used to mount all conventional solar panels on any tiled roof.

    With the hook and click technique of ClickFit EVO, you can easily, quickly and safely install solar panels on a tiled roof. The ClickFit EVO Universal Roof Hook eliminates the need to drill holes in the roof construction, allowing the roof construction of the end user to stay fully intact. The universally adjustable roof hook fits all roof tile/batten combinations, and the ingenious water barrier smartly prevents leakage. Installer who prefer screwing into the truss can use the ClickFit EVO Truss Hook. This system consists of a hook with a wider top plate that can be screwed onto a truss, tile or roof boarding and offers flexibility in the placement and attachment of the truss hook. Installers can also combine the ClickFit EVO Universal Roof Hook and Truss Hook in a single project.

    The revolutionary hook and click technique eliminates the need for other tools. Thanks to the smart design of this innovative mounting system, you can place the panels both in landscape or portrait orientation. Thanks to the above mentioned unique properties, this mounting system allows for a mounting process that is twice as fast. Continue reading.