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    Flatfix fusion made suitable for larger panels

    31 January 2022

    At Esdec we monitor the development of solar panels so we can optimally adapt our mounting systems to this. The wafers used to build up a panel are getting bigger (from M6 to M10 and M12), which means that panel sizes also change: increasingly wider and/or longer. The latter is especially applicable for panels for large commercial flat roof projects. In the residential and small commercial sector, we mainly see the increasing demand for wider panels.

    In order to be able to fit these wider panels up to 1150 mm safely onto our FlatFix Fusion mounting system, new lengths of the base profiles and the side plates/wind deflectors are now, since January 31, available. We developed two new additional lengths of base profiles and one new additional size for the side plate/wind deflector that fits both longer base profiles.

    To be able to mount longer panels up to 2190 mm with FlatFix Fusion, new dimensions are now available for the ballast container, the stabilizer and the wind deflector rear/back plate. Please note that the mounting systems for these larger panels up to 2190mm can be calculated and ordered, but might have longer delivery times as they might not in default stock at your channel partner but delivered to order at the moment.

    The new setups have been put through rigorous testing and we are happy to report that the Peutz approval for the ballast calculation remains accurate and reliable. A reassuring thought for you as an installer, that you can continue to install safe and reliable PV systems.


    The calculator is updated per January 31 with the new components for larger panels. When a user selects a wider (and/or longer) panel in the calculator, the calculator automatically produces components of the correct size.

    Continuous development

    Esdec’s research & development department is continuously looking for opportunities not only to develop new products, but also to make existing products even better and increase its applicability. September last year we already presented the updated FlatFix Fusion system with several improvements that not only make it easier for the installer to install, but also make the PV system even safer. With this last adjustment, which allows large panels to be mounted safely, the system is once again future-proof.