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    Esdec and Volinta energy join forces in rooftop solar mounting systems

    24 February 2022

    Volinta Energy adds Esdec’s mounting systems to their portfolio

    KAUNAS, 24 FEBRUARY, 2021 – Today, Esdec, global supplier of mounting systems for rooftop solar panels and Volinta Energy, solar installer in Lithuania and Sweden, announce a collaboration for the use of Esdec’s rooftop solar mounting systems in Volinta Energy’s portfolio in the Baltic region. Esdec and Volinta already worked together in Sweden and now expand their collaboration to the Baltic region.

    Volinta Energy is part of Volinta Group and provides solar power projects and installation services for the residential and commercial sector. “Our team of twenty solar experts gained a lot of experience by installing solar power projects in Sweden for the last four years. Since then, we started working with Esdec’s mounting systems and are very pleased with the ease of installation of these systems”, says Volinta Energy’s CEO Povilas Žukaitis. “The switch to the Baltic region has only just been made and we see many opportunities there, also together with Esdec.”

    Renewable energy consumption throughout Lithuania is on rise, with targets set for 45% by 2030 and to be 100% renewable reliant by 2050. The solar Photovoltaic (PV) share is essential in these plans. In order to reach these ambitious goals, consumers (both residential and commercial) have to be involved in the production of the electricity for personal needs by becoming prosumers.

    Žukaitis continues: “We’re excited to enter this relatively new market and are very confident that we will succeed. As we pay a lot of attention to professionalism, reliability and quality, we wanted to collaborate with Esdec. Their range of innovative mounting systems for flat and pitched roofs meets the high quality requirements that our customers ask for.”

    “Our products are extensively tested on fire safety, wind and storms and meet the strictest safety standards, making them very suitable for the specific conditions here in the Baltics”, says Dennis van Eerten, Sales Manager at Esdec. “And of course we are very proud to expand our partnership with Volinta Energy to the Baltic region enabling Esdec to further expand across Europe.”