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Home High-quality mounting frames for solar panels on flat roofs by esdec

High-quality mounting frames for solar panels on flat roofs by esdec

What is the best method to mount solar panels? Well, this largely depends on the roof type. Solar panels are often still screwed into the roof structure when they are mounted on pitched and flat roofs. However, the disadvantage of this method is the risk of leakage and damage to the roof over time. To counter this, Esdec has developed mounting frames for solar panels that do not require any screws.

What features should be considered when assembling a frame for solar panels?

There are many factors that you as an installer need to take into account when installing solar panels. For example, you should consider the positioning of the roof, the size of the roof surface, the maximum roof load, and the ideal arrangement of the solar panels to gain the highest yield. Furthermore, you must also consider any potential obstacles on the roof. A flexible mounting system is therefore a necessity.

Which mounting frames does esdec offer?

As market leader in mounting systems for solar panels, Esdec has developed a series of mounting frames that are specifically designed for flat roofs: FlatFix. The versatile mounting frames of this system offer the best protection of the roof, as they are not screwed into the roof. The FlatFix systems consist of a small number of lightweight components, which can be installed quickly, easily, and error-free. FlatFix Wave Plus is designed for large scale commercial projects. The unique assembled and fold-out base units ensure a quick and error-free installation, with no tools required. FlatFix Fusion is the modular and flexible mounting system for residential flat roofs. The design makes it easy to build around obstacles. The FlatFix systems are internationally tested and are suitable for the most modern solar panels.

What are the benefits of esdec mounting frames for solar panels?

Modularity & flexibility

One of the main advantages of FlatFix Fusion is that the mounting frames are completely modular. This offers unique flexibility when it comes to the design of the building plan, as the panels can be connected both in length and width. You can determine the row lengths and orientation of the solar panels based on their positioning, the shape of the roof and the available roof surface and easily build around obstacles.

Scalabe and future-proof

Esdec offers FlatFix Wave Plus especially for large-scale projects. his special product line within the FlatFix series, which has been developed in accordance with national safety standards and guidelines, makes it possible to use large roof areas as efficiently as possible and thus achieve maximum energy yield. FlatFix Wave Plus has also been designed with a view to the future, so that they can also be equipped with the next generation solar panels.

Speed & efficient

The aerodynamically designed mounting frames and module clamps of the FlatFix system are also universal. They can be used on almost any flat roof, meaning that installers can quickly develop a routine. This also means that future projects can be carried out efficiently and quickly, resulting in shorter turnarounds that benefit you and your clients.

Quality & reliability

The quality of the FlatFix mounting frames for solar panels stands us out as a market leader, and trusted by tradespeople across Europe . Extensively tested, all components are made of durable, light, and extremely strong materials. This allows us to guarantee optimum resistance to the most extreme weather conditions. That quality is something we are fully convinced of at Esdec.That’s why we give a 20-year warranty on every FlatFix mounting frame!

Want to know more about an esdec mounting frame for solar panels?

Are you interested in a high-quality, reliable, flexible and universal mounting frame for solar panels? Please feel free to contact Esdec for more information about our innovative FlatFix systems: FlatFix Fusion and FlatFix Wave Plus, or request a free quote right away.