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Home News Esdec introduces ClickFit EVO hanger bolt

Esdec introduces ClickFit EVO hanger bolt

15 July 2022

DEVENTER, 15 July 2022 – Today, Esdec – global supplier of rooftop mounting systems for solar panels – is launching its newest member to the ClickFit EVO family: ClickFit EVO Hanger Bolt.

ClickFit EVO, the mounting system for solar panels on pitched roofs, is further expanded with a solution for new types of pitched roofs. As of today, you can mount with the new ClickFit EVO Hanger Bolt. This hanger bolt makes it possible to install solar panels with the trusted components of ClickFit EVO on EPDM, bitumen, steel (e.g. tile form sheeting), corrugated and Arabic tiles.

ClickFit EVO hanger bolt: Reliable and quick installation on pitched roofs

With the ClickFit EVO Hanger Bolt, you can quickly install solar panels on various types of pitched roofs. This straightforward system consists of just four components and can be installed on both existing and new roofs. The hanger bolt is provided pre-assembled and the flexible adapter allows you to easily and quickly compensate roof irregularities up to 10 degrees. Using the universal ClickFit EVO click connection fitted to the hanger bolt as standard, you can simply carry on working with familiar components from the ClickFit EVO product line, such as universal rails, module clamps and end caps.

The advantages of the hanger bolt:

  • Fully preassembled hanger bolt
  • Compensates roof irregularities up to 10 degrees
  • Universal ClickFit EVO click connection
  • Can be rotated by 360 degrees
  • Hanger bolt available in 5 different sizes

This hanger bolt can be used on:

EPDM and bitumen roofs
(Please note, not all types of EPDM/Bitumen roofs are suitable. Please check eligibility beforehand)




Arabic tiled roofs



Corrugated roofs

(In addition to the mounting bracket, we now also deliver a hanger bolt solution for corrugated roofs)



Steel roofs
(In addition to our current solution for steel roofs with mounting profiles we now enable you to mount on all other types of steel roofs [e.g steel roof tile sheet] as well).



Calculator and ordering

As of today, the ClickFit EVO Hanger Bolt solution will be available for sale through our distribution channels and is it available in our Calculator. Now you can calculate your projects on pitched roofs using the new hanger bolt solution..