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Home News Esdec receives peutz certificates for extensive ballast calculation

Esdec receives peutz certificates for extensive ballast calculation

2 November 2021

DEVENTER, November 17th, 2021 – Esdec received two Peutz certificates for its calculator, which is used for ballast calculations, for the correct translation of test data from the FlatFix Wave Plus and FlatFix Fusion mounting systems. Unique here is that Esdec includes data from mechanical lift tests in addition to wind tunnel test data and had it assessed. The addition of this test data to the wind tunnel test data makes the ballast calculation of a flat roof mounting system even more accurate and reliable.

The certificates show that Esdec correctly uses the wind tunnel measurements of FlatFix Wave Plus and FlatFix Fusion, combined with results of mechanical lift tests and that all results have been correctly and safely processed in the Esdec calculator. The results of the studies and their translation into a method for calculating ballast have been tested against the standards CUR Recommendation 103: 2005, NEN 7250: 2014 (Dutch norm), EN 1990: 2011 and EN 1991-1-4: 2011. The certificate for FlatFix Wave Plus can be found here, FlatFix Fusion’s here.


Mechanical lift testing

Esdec is one of the first companies to have mechanical coupling tested with so-called lift tests for an more reliable ballast calculation. In a test set-up, the panels are lifted at various places to see what the other panels to which they are connected then do and what effect the coupling between different panels has on the ballasting.

This simulates a gust of wind over a building. A gust of wind over a building never hits the entire field equally hard at the same time. The gust usually hits a corner or side first before pulling across the rest of the field. It is important to know for each panel position in a field how well it is supported by surrounding panels. For example, a corner panel is coupled on two sides. A panel located on the side of a field is directly linked via three sides. In the middle of a field, the panels are linked on all sides. These mechanical tests provide the insight that in all cases more ballast should be placed in the corners and on the side than in the middle of a field. This data has now been accurately processed in the calculator for all various options.


Peutz, an international group of independent consultancy firms in the fields of acoustics, noise control, building physics, environmental and facade technology, has now declared that for both Esdec mounting systems, the wind tunnel measurements combined with the mechanical lift tests in the wind tunnel data have been correctly and safely processed in the Esdec calculator. The approach and method that Esdec uses when applying this calculator (read: correctly calculating a reliable project) have also been tested and approved by Peutz in several reference projects.
These certificates are valid for three years, after which they can be renewed after a re-audit by Peutz.

“As Esdec, we are particularly proud of having these certificates. With this certification we show once again that we are at the forefront of the market in terms of quality and knowledge”, says Erik Valks, CEO Esdec Europe. “Our compliance and R&D experts are continuously working to fine-tune test procedures and help shape them. For Esdec, this is the road to European market leadership.”

12,500 Calculator users

Since its launch at the end of 2020, more than 12,500 unique users have made calculations in the Esdec calculator for residential and commercial projects. Esdec strives to support all types of calculator users with the very best project calculation that fully complies with all national and international standards for safety and reliability. The algorithms in the calculator are therefore continuously tightened. The calculator is also regularly enriched with new functionalities.

The certification by Peutz of the ballast calculations gives the user the certainty of a safe and reliable calculation of the flat roof mounting system.