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Home News QCells approves FlatFix Wave patented clamping system

QCells approves FlatFix Wave patented clamping system

26 May 2021

Now 7 Global PV Module manufacturers approve Esdec’s clamping method

DEVENTER, 25 May 2021 – Esdec is proud to present official approval from PV module manufacturer QCells stating the compatibility between FlatFix Wave’s toolless and long side panel clamping method and the PV modules of QCells. Warranty for the modules as stated in QCells’ letter remains intact if you clamp in the way prescribed by Esdec.

Esdec is very happy with this approval letter because now Esdec’s FlatFix Wave system is compatible with 7 global PV module manufacturers: Talesun, Longi, LG, Jinko Solar, Ja Solar and GCL already gave their approval regarding Esdec way of clamping on the long side of the FlatFix Wave system.

These statements, help to provide insight into the level of quality and reliability of the entire solar system over its entire lifespan. Esdec works closely with all manufacturers to constantly test its systems with new types of modules.

Toolless and long side panel clamping method

Esdec’s FlatFix Wave system is unique in the way it minimizes the risk of damaging today’s ever-larger solar panels, thereby guaranteeing the yield of the system. The following FlatFix Wave system features underlie this claim:

  • Each mounted PV module is supported by two rail units and is clamped on the long side of the panels. PV modules are commonly attached to the system along their short side. For larger panels, short side clamping impacts the lifespan reliability. For example, the panels may bend too much due to wind and snow loads, causing possible microcracks (hairline cracks in the solar cells which reduce the panel performance) to appear. In this configuration of FlatFix Wave, each panel is supported by 2 units, which is extremely well-suited for large, next-gen solar panels.
  • Because of stabilizers between rails, the system is module independent. This means that the modules are not bearing any of the tensions that may be inflicted on the system. Modules are not part of the strength construction which ensures a longer lifespan and less chance on microcracks from system tension.
  • Installation is done toolless as no screws are needed. When screws are fitted too tightly, it will result in microcracks in the module at the attachment points. Due to the absence of this negative effect on the yield of the system, Esdec’s clamping method is preferred by module manufacturers. In addition, the ‘error-free installation’ claim can also been recognized as a reliability differentiator: the use of pre-assembled units enable fast and error-free installation.

The compatibility statements from these manufacturers mean that roof owners using FlatFix Wave, can rely on the endorsement of the manufacturers of both systems. The combined use of FlatFix Wave and these PV modules guarantee the best installation, panel yield and module warranty conditions over the complete system lifecycle.

“Esdec always strives to supply the most reliable mounting systems for rooftop solar projects. We can only achieve this if we test our products and systems extensively and submit them to thorough inspections and tests by stakeholders such as PV module manufacturers”, says Erik Valks, CEO Esdec Europe. “We are proud to share these approval letters with our customers”.

The compatibility statements can be found here.