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New! MLPE-clips

15 May 2024

Today, we will introduce the MLPE clip for ClickFit EVO and FlatFix Fusion. MLPE stands for Module-Level Power Electronics, which includes optimizers and microinverters.

By using optimizers, external factors have less influence on the efficiency of the installed solar panels. For example, shadow effects can be absorbed better. And even if one solar panel is defective, the entire series will not switch off immediately, but the other panels will continue to deliver optimum yield.

Because not all optimizers are the same and they also vary in weight, we introduce three new MLPE-clips. The three different MLPE clips ensure that all optimizers and cables can be attached correctly so that the entire installation is safe and can last a long time.

The new MLPE clip replaces the old ClickFit EVO Mounting Rail Cable Clip Optimizer Ready (article number 1008062) and the old FlatFix Fusion Cable Clip optimizer ready (article number 1007041). From May 1st, the old cable clips will be available while supplies last.


From today, the MLPE clips have been added to the online tools in MyEsdec, such as the Esdec Calculator and the Esdec Academy, and we have updated all manuals and brochures.