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    Update clickfit evo steel roof

    5 July 2021

    We have two small updates for ClickFit EVO for Steel Roofs for you: installation of the mounting profiles now also possible with rivets and a new and improved screw. View our updated ClickFit EVO Steel Roof brochure.


    It is now possible to attach the low and high mounting profiles of Esdec’s ClickFit EVO Steel Roof with rivets. A slightly larger hole has been made in the low and high mounting profiles so now both screws and rivets can be used. The profiles have already been updated and are already being delivered.

    This adjustment comes at the request of installers who prefer working with rivets. Esdec has investigated the possibilities and developed this solution. The fastening with the rivet has been extensively tested and guarantees the most reliable and watertight installation.

    New and improved screw

    For those who want to continue working with screws, an improved version is now available. We have included a new self-tapping sheet metal screw in our portfolio which replaces the old one.

    This self-tapping sheet metal screw (6 x 25mm) is of high quality and has the best coating. Thanks to the highest corrosion resistance, they are ideal for use in coastal areas and on agricultural roofs. Rust, or traces of rust are a thing of the past. In addition, the material and coating also exclude galvanic corrosion on your roof. The screws can now also be tightened in two ways: Torx 30 and SW10. This means you only need one tool for all products.

    The self-tapping sheet metal screw is used to mount the ClickFit EVO steel roof rails on trapezoid or corrugated steel roofs, to mount the ClickFit Basic mounting bracket to the trapezoid steel roofs (the same screw is used in FlatFix Fusion, to fix the wind deflectors and / or ballast trays).

    These multihead screws have been extensively tested and provide an even stronger adhesion. This makes that fewer screws are needed in the end. The sharper tip of the new screw makes it easier to screw through the steel. The screw with ring, in combination with the EPDM rubber on the profiles, provides a watertight seal. These new screws replace the old ones and are automatically displayed in the calculator.


    Please note that the rivets cannot be ordered via the calculator but can be ordered directly via your distribution partner. Esdec has included the screws in its portfolio under no. 1008085 and they are automatically shown in the calculator. This new screw replaces the old one.

    Instruction video

    We updated the instruction video for ClickFit EVO Steel Roof! Watch a preview below and register here to see the full video.

    Watch the full video