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Home Solar panels on the roof without any risks

Solar panels on the roof without any risks

Esdec offers property owners maximum reliability in the installation of large solar panel projects. Esdec annually invests €3.5 million in tests, measurements and the continued development of its products. Test results always form the foundation for the design of all Esdec mounting systems. That way, you can be sure your solar panel project can stand winds and storm, is fireproof, correctly grounded and equipped with equipotential bonding, and the roof stays properly protected. Esdec even offers property owners the option of having their projects certified individually by the independent consultancy firm Peutz, so you can be absolutely sure that the installation of solar panels on your roof is fully risk free.

Resistant to wind and storms

With an Esdec construction plan, you can be sure your PV installation is mounted on the roof safely and reliably, with the optimal ballast weight. Esdec measures the effect of the wind on the system through a combination of computer simulations, tests in the German-Dutch wind tunnel and a scale model test at the accredited consultancy firm Peutz. In addition, Esdec has extensively measured the coupling factor of the system. We thoroughly measured how well the panels stay connected when external influences exert pressure on them. The wind tests on the system have shown that e.g. the aerodynamics of our FlatFix system ensure the wind does not gain purchase on the panel. This prevents undesired interplay of forces and ensures the panels stay in their position on the roof.

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Most fireproof system

According to safety certification agency UL, there is no known PV mounting system that performs better in fire safety tests than Esdec’s FlatFix system. We are proud to carry the Best in Class label, awarded as a result of the most recent UL2703 /1703 fire safety test as part of the UL2703 certificate. The excellent ventilation performance of FlatFix prevents overheating of the panels. In addition, the wind deflectors do not just offer wind protection, but they also have a fire-retardant function.

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Equipotential bonding and lightning protection

Esdec’s FlatFix system can be bonded easily and reliably and is in full compliance with NEN1010. Due to the application of the composite material in the system, the metal parts of the mounting system will never be subject to voltage. In addition, there is no risk of galvanic corrosion, which could obstruct equipotential bonding. Thanks to the LCIE-certified grounding clip, the voltage of the panels can be easily equalised using the grounding wire, allowing installers to work safely on the roof. We recommend staying outside of the safety area around the lightning protection installation, so the system stays optimally protected against lightning. If necessary, the FlatFix system can be safely and reliably connected to the lightning protection installation.

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Roof surface protection due to expansion and contraction

Both the mounting system and the solar panels expand and shrink due to temperature fluctuations. The FlatFix system compensates this expansion and contraction, both in length and width direction. There is no need for rubber mats between roof supports and roof membrane. This way, the mounting system is stable and stays in place, even if the system contracts and expands due to weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. Contraction and expansion have serious consequences for the roof surface, the functionality of the system, and even the safety of the roof. If it is not compensated by the system design, the system may shift out of position on the roof, resulting in leakage and damage of the roof surface.

Prevent material degradation due to weather conditions

Esdec mounting systems are made of sustainable, strong and light materials that are also used in the automotive industry for outdoor applications, such as aluminium and high-grade fibre-reinforced composites. The material was tested in conformance with UL 2703, which means for example, that the material passed the tests for aging and clamp force. There is a good reason why Esdec offers a unique 20-year warranty in addition to extensive test reports. The combination of aluminium, the click connection and the high-grade composite material eliminates the risk of corrosion. This way, the grounding and equipotential bonding remain intact. The current distribution of the mounting system weight over the lightweight feet leads to very low point loads per m2. This makes the mounting system suitable for almost all types of flat roofs.

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Reliability and safety are very important for us at Esdec. That is why we make significant investments in R&D each year to further increase the reliability and safety of our mounting systems and to meet current standards. However, we often take this a step further ourselves.

Below an overview of the current certificates:

✓ BDA Agrement