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The most solid solution for every agricultural roof

Agricultural roofs offer interesting opportunities for you as an installer of solar panels. Farmers often have large roof areas available and subsidy schemes make these roofs more and more interesting for farmers in their search for sustainable energy.

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How do you meet all the requirements of your agricultural customer?

It is logical that farmers have specific questions about the quality and reliability of the solar energy installation. As an installer, for example, how do you guarantee (business) safety and -continuity and what is the impact of the solar installation on the roof construction? At Esdec we understand these matters. We therefore want to make it as easy as possible for you as an installer. With our mounting systems for (agricultural) corrugated and steel roofs you always meet all the requirements and needs of your client. See why below!
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1. The installation is 100% watertight

You want to be sure that you leave a reliable and durable PV installation with the customer. Our ClickFit EVO mounting systems are designed in such a way that they guarantee a 100% watertight seal after installation. On corrugated roofs you mount the ClickFit EVO mounting brackets on the existing roof plate screws, so drilling is not necessary. The mounting profiles for steel roofs contain pre-punched holes and a pre-glued EPDM rubber for a watertight seal.

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2. Fully corrosion resistant

All Esdec systems are also extensively tested for corrosion. Consider, for example, the possible effects of manure emissions in sheds on the various parts of mounting systems. All components of the ClickFit series have been extensively subjected to corrosion tests. The mounting bracket for corrugated roofs is coated with Magnelis Steel ZM310, tested according to the corresponding international IEC standard and falls in the high corrosion class C4. All screws are also coated and are therefore ammonia resistant. The mounting rails are of the aluminum 600 class and are also corrosion resistant. This gives a safe feeling and saves a lot of replacement during maintenance.

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3. Approved by eternit

ClickFit EVO for corrugated roofs has passed a series of tests in the Netherlands that have been drawn up in a unique collaboration with test institute KIWA BDA and corrugated sheet producer Eternit. With this Esdec proves that PV installations on corrugated fiber cement roofs can be installed in a safe and reliable way. Eternit prescribes in its roof guarantee that existing bolts must be used and therefore recommends Esdec’s ClickFit EVO system for corrugated roofs. Eternit roof owners can therefore use the ClickFit EVO mounting bracket for PV installations without any problems: the corrugated roof is protected, remains watertight and retains its lifespan.

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4. Designed to meet the strongest safety requirements

Our mounting systems have been extensively tested and meet the most recent (inter) national safety requirements. For example, extreme, realistic wind tests on our systems provide insight into the most reliable way of ballasting a system on flat roofs, resulting in maximum reliability. ClickFit EVO Steel roof is made of strong and light materials, such as steel and high-quality aluminum. The system has been extensively tested and therefore Esdec offers a 20-year warranty on all mounting systems.

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Have you become curious about the possibilities of our reduced price mounting systems for agricultural roofs? We are happy to think along about your next agricultural project! Calculate your own material list and construction plan: Design your system and installation plan Immediate insight into the required materials Manage all your agricultural projects from one place

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