In the following months, we will pay attention to this in various ways.
The online portal empowering solar pros with access to all digital tools and services.
In the following months, we will pay attention to this in various ways.
The online portal empowering solar pros with access to all digital tools and services.
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Solve solar panel problems with esdec’s solar panel mounting system

If you regularly install solar panels, you know that the assembly materials you use are critical to ensuring your customers get the most out of their solar panels. Furthermore, if you can install with speed and efficiency whilst remaining safe then you’ve found the product for you. Esdec specialises in solar panel mounting systems and mounting materials, and can assist in calculating the required materials for each project. To make things easier for you, we’ve covered our selection of mounting materials for solar panels available to you.

Pitched roofs Flat roofs

What to consider when buying mounting materials for solar panels?

When installing solar panels, the first factor to consider is the type of roof. Esdec specialises in mounting systems for both pitched and flat roofs. Pitched roofs require a completely different approach than flat roofs, and at Esdec we take the roof type into account both during and after installation.

Which mounting materials does esdec supply for solar panels?

Specialising in solar panel mounting systems since 2004, we have become the international market leader in supplying mounting systems for solar panels. Esdec mounting systems are used in more than 20 different countries and meet all relevant quality requirements. As Esdec was founded by installers, the design of our products always starts with the ease of installation in mind. Our mounting systems consist of

light, solid components that are quick and easy to assemble. As an installer using an Esdec system, you are guaranteed a perfect balance of quality and speed of installation. The Esdec range is divided into two categories: pitched roofs and flat roofs. To give you an idea of what is possible, we’ve highlighted our different solar panel mounting systems below.

Esdec solar panel mounting systems for pitched roofs

For the installation of solar panels on pitched roofs, we created our ClickFit system. The ClickFit mounting systems have been designed and developed for installers who are dealing with pitched roofs, such as tiled, steel or corrugated roofs.

ClickFit EVO was developed to make the installation of solar panels on tiled, steel, and corrugated roofs as easy as possible. The four components listed below make up one innovative hook and click system. One of the main advantages of ClickFit EVO mounting material is that the installation can be carried out using just one tool, which is crucial to the speed and efficiency of any installer. In addition, this particular solar panel mounting system offers the end user the assurance that the roof structure remains intact as there is no need to drill into the structure.

Roof hook for tiled roofs

The ClickFit EVO system has one universal roof hook for all tile and roof combinations. Besides the strength offered by the use of Magnelis steel, the ClickFit EVO system also offers a number of other advantages:

decor-plus Quick and easy installation from above

decor-plus Suitable for horizontal and vertical installation

decor-plus Integrated cable management

decor-plus Reduced risk of tile damage and leakage

decor-plus Adjustable height and width

Mounting bracket for corrugated roof

The ClickFit EVO mounting bracket is attached to the roof screws in the purlin, ensuring that the corrugated roof is 100% watertight. It fits exactly the crest of the roof and is supported by the troughs. This results in a homogeneous distribution of force and minimum load, which both contribute to the robustness of the system.


decor-plus Universally adjustable

decor-plus Fastening with existing corrugated sheet screws

decor-plus Unique click connection

decor-plus Integrated cable management

Mounting profiles for steel roofs

ClickFit EVO steel roof is a strong and light option, with pre-punched holes and pre-glued EPDM rubber. This improves efficiency and ensures a watertight finish for the system. The profiles are easy to mount with the self-tapping screw.


decor-plus Short, light mounting profiles

decor-plus Pre-punched holes for easy installation

decor-plus Pre-attached EPDM rubber

Mounting rail

The mounting rail for the ClickFit EVO system is unique due to the material used. The use of different types of aluminium makes the mounting rail 30% stronger and 30% lighter. This makes the mounting system ideal for spanning larger roof surfaces. The mounting rail can be used for installation on both tiled and corrugated roofs.


decor-plus Universally adjustable

decor-plus Unique click connection

decor-plus Integrated cable management

Module clamp

The specially designed universal module clamp allows you to work with solar panels in any size, and can be used as a middle and end clamp (in combination with the end cap). This piece of mounting equipment is assembled as standard and ensures that the solar panels are automatically earthed after installation.

End caps

Adding the finishing touch, the ClickFit EVO solar panel mounting system provides extended end caps. These ensure that the assembly of the solar panels is not only precise but also aesthetically pleasing.

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ClickFit EVO overview

Esdec solar panel mounting systems for flat roofs

With FlatFix Fusion and FlatFix Wave, Esdec has developed leading solar panel mounting systems for flat roofs. These mounting systems guarantee an innovative and efficient way of working. Below, we briefly explain the different components of the FlatFix mounting systems.

Mounting solar panels on medium and small flat roofs with flatfix fusion

FlatFix Fusion is the modular and flexible mounting system for solar panels on medium sized and smaller flat roofs. Due to its modular character, a specific arrangement can be achieved for each roof. The different components make it possible to install flexible row lengths, allowing the installer to tailor the installation to specific roofs and build around obstacles.

Mounting solar panels on large flat roofs with flatfix wave

New to the FlatFix series is the FlatFix Wave mounting system, specifically designed to fill large roof surfaces with solar panels. This revolutionary system is unique in the solar panel mounting market. It is the ideal solution for mounting solar panels that are larger than standard, without the need for tools.


Click system

Mounting with FlatFix Fusion and FlatFix Wave is completed without screws, with the click connection completely unique. This means easy mounting, no damage to the roof structure and less risk of leakage or other damage. Installing FlatFix Fusion can even be done using a single tool, and FlatFix Wave can be mounted with no tools at all!


Roof supports

A further unique feature of the FlatFix systems is the roof supports, as they come with a self-adjusting mechanism to thermally decouple the system. Because the system can slide over the roof supports, the forces that are released when using the mounting system are not transferred to the roof, and vice versa. This prevents damage to the system or the roofing.

Assembled basic module

The FlatFix Wave solar panel mounting system uses handy, pre-assembled modules that optimally support the solar panels. The modules are designed to clamp the panels on the long side, minimising the risk of panel damage.


To reduce the need for cable ties and cable securing methods, the mounting system comes with an integrated cable management system. Cables and plugs are easily attached to the solar panel mounting system, which works faster and reduces the chance of malfunctions due to loose cables.

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FlatFix overview

How to know how much mounting material is needed for a project?

It goes without saying that you should be well prepared for every installation job, no matter how big or small. This means ordering your equipment and materials in advance, although it is not always easy to make an informed estimate as an installer. That’s why we’ve developed our handy Esdec calculator to allow you to accurately calculate which and how much materials you will need for each project. We’ve even gone one step further, with the calculator providing you with a complete construction plan and all relevant additional data such as roof and wind loads. This allows you to be optimally prepared for every installation, and able to carry out the project quickly, efficiently and successfully.

Make a calculation

Would you like more information about Esdec solar panel mounting systems? Please feel free to contact us, and we will be more than happy to tell you about the benefits and possibilities.