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Esdec Solar Bus

With the Esdec Solar Bus you get to know our products at your location. Whether you are an installation company looking to train new employees or an organization planning a customer event, the Esdec Solar Bus offers flexible, tailor-made training solutions.

Esdec Solar Bus training courses

Increase your team’s expertise with special training sessions by our experienced product trainers. Our goal is to provide you with in-depth knowledge so you can make informed decisions in the solar industry.

At Esdec we believe that informed customers are empowered customers. The Esdec Solar Bus is a means to broaden knowledge and offers tailor-made training sessions to increase your understanding of our products.

We believe learning by doing is important. Our trainers are here to ensure you gain the practical skills needed for successful installation.


The training courses can be designed in different ways. Consider, for example, sales, marketing or product training. Esdec creates a program depending on the applicant’s wishes.

  • Target group of installers: our product trainer comes by with installation training on location.
  • Target group sales manager: we mainly talk about the possibilities of our products.
  • New target group: we introduce the customer to Esdec solutions for pitched and flat roofs.

A customized training in 4 steps

Esdec is glad to visit you to provide training. Our product trainers are happy to provide tailor-made installation training. The trainer will visit you on location with our Esdec Solar Bus and can show and demonstrate all our products. We have a few points of interest before applying for our Solar Bus.

  1. Make sure there are at least 15 people.
  2. Think about location and period.
  3. Complete the form ‘I request a training with the Esdec Solar Bus at our location’.
  4. We will contact you about the availability of our trainer.

Meet one of our trainers with the Esdec Solar Bus

Practical information

  • A training lasts at least 1 hour.
  • There must be at least 15 participants present.
  • Trainings can be tailor-made, depending on the goal and target group.
  • Our product trainers provide training in different languages.
  • The Esdec Solar Bus training is part of our Solar Hero program. A training with the Solar Bus is a physical training.